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Areas of Law Practice

Estate Planning/Finalizing Estates

Wills: Protect your loved ones with a will. A will dictates how your property will be distributed after your death. This legal document also can designate guardians for your children after your death as well as designate trustees for assets to be distributed to minor children.

Living Will/Health Care Proxy: A living will and health care proxy dictate your wishes whether or not to be kept alive by life support systems when you have a terminal illness. This protects assets for your estate. This is important especially when you have different family members with differing interests.

Revocable Living Trust: Transferring to a lifetime trust saves money, avoids probate, and can dictate which property to be transferred upon your death. It can be changed at any time. A Revocable Living Trust Does Not Require Probate.

Probate: We represent you when your loved one has passed away to finalize their estate, making sure the assets of the estate are properly distributed.

Medicaid Planning

Today we are living longer, and the risk of having to be placed in a nursing home is even greater. Despite family members not wanting to be placed in a nursing home, loved ones at some point may have to be placed in a nursing home because the spouse or other family member cannot physically take care of that family member at home. The desire to preserve our assets for our loved ones is critical if the non-ill person is to have any assets remaining. The cost for a quality nursing home is anywhere from $90,000.00 to $120,000.00 per year. The assets that the family worked hard to preserve will be taken in just a short period of time if one spouse is required to go into a nursing home. Our office has assisted many couples and families preserve their assets for their spouses and family. It is never too late to plan, but the earlier one seeks legal assistance the better our office will be able to preserve your assets.

Personal Injury

No Fee Unless Successful

Our office has resolved personal injury cases for over 21 years against large insurance companies. We represent clients in the following areas: Auto accidents, Negligence, Slip and fall accidents, Medical malpractice, Wrongful death, Birth defects, Defective products, Failure to diagnose, Burn injuries, Dog bites, Lead paint, and Asbestos. In a recent case involving our client's injuries resulting from a collision with a train, 3 different attorneys, all of whom refused to continue once the matter became difficult, had represented the client. Our office took over the case one week before the statute of limitations expired and filed a lawsuit. After protracted litigation, we uncovered that the train company failed to follow procedures at a train crossing. We negotiated a large settlement. In a recent dog bite case, the firm found the owner of the dog and obtained a 6 figure settlement within 7 months of the dog bite.

Tax Law and Financial Issues

Massachusetts & Federal Taxation: We will represent you to resolve differences with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and/or the United States Internal Revenue Service. We will work to stop seizures and obtain abatements before the Appellate Tax Board, if necessary.

Local Property Tax: We can file property tax abatement and appeals. If you feel your property tax bill is too high, see us and we will work to obtain a reduction of your tax bill and assessment.

Bankruptcy: We can file legal documents to resolve your financial difficulties, stop IRS and State tax collections as well as other creditors from harassing you.

Repossession/Stop Repossession: We can file legal documents to resolve your repossession difficulties. Our office resolves issues to protect your credit.

Foreclosure/Stop Foreclosure: We can file legal documents to resolve your foreclosure difficulties. Our office also represents clients who wish to foreclose on private loans.

Family Law

Divorce, Alimony, Restraining Order, Custody, Visitation: You need an attorney to be tough to secure a fair and equitable divorce. We can assist you in all phases of divorce and post divorce issue including but not limited to child support, visitation, alimony, asset division, business valuation, property valuation and custody.

Real Estate

Purchase & Sale Agreements: You need a legal document that protects your interests when you purchase property. Do not go it alone. For a nominal fee, assure yourself of the peace of mind that the closing of a real estate deal goes smoothly.

Commercial and Residential Landlords: We prepare leases as well as other documents relative to rental property. We can file legal documents to evict tenants. We also make sure that you comply with all laws dealing with security deposits, including but not limited to statements of condition. Your failure to comply with the security deposit law could subject you to triple damages, costs and attorneys' fees.

Commercial and Residential Tenants: We can review a lease to protect your interests as well as file legal documents to resolve differences with a landlord.

Business Law

We represent companies in all areas of business law: incorporation, LLC corporation, and sub-chapter S corporation, buying and selling a business, and partnership agreements.

Disability Retirement Claims

For over 4 years, Domenic Finelli represented the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority as outside counsel, defending lawsuits against the Turnpike Authority. Many of the claims were for disability retirement benefits. We now represent clients seeking retirement disability benefits.